How to Make Kefir


Kefir has more probiotics then yogurt and any other cultured food. I know its true because I can feel it. Let me help you get started.

What Surprised Me Was How Simple & Easy It is to Make Kefir At Home

I remember making yogurt as a kid from heated milk. So I was surprised when I found out all you have to do it put some Kefir Grains in a clean jar of milk, with no need to heat it.

Steps For Making Kefir

  1. Get some Kefir Grains
  2. Place Them in a clean jar
  3. Add organic milk, I prefer goats milk but any dairy milk will work
  4. Keep the jar loose to let it breath
  5. Keep the jar at room temperature, ideal is 70-75 F, but I have done it at 65 (takes a day or 2 longer) and also at 80 which makes a very thick yummy kefir in under 2 days.

How Long to Culture Your Kefir?

There are only 2 guidelines for this.

  • Is your house warmer, say in the 80’s or 90’s? Then it takes less time, but give it at least a day. If your home is cooler, like in the 60S, then it could take 2 or more days.
  • The other is up to you, Taste. You can taste it the 2nd day and each day (or ever 12 hours if in the 90’s) and see how sweet or sour you like it.

At first it will make your milk kind of stringy as it pours. The next stage is when it makes the milk thick and creamy. I like it sweet, so sometimes I stop it when its still thin ans stringy when it pours. My experience with warmer climates is that it gets think faster then it gets sour which is awesomely yummy.

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